From its beginnings in 1954 as Manderfeld Lumber, Design Home Center has evolved into a complete building, remodeling and home improvement center. Whether you are looking to freshen up a room with new color or constructing a brand new home, you can visit our Idea Showroom and let your imagination take over. Our in-house experts will help you with all aspects of your project, including delivery and installation.   Remodeling or building your home should be a pleasurable experience, and our goal is to make it enjoyable and stress-free.

With our staff of trusted interior and exterior professionals, carpenters and carefully selected contractors, you can relax knowing your home improvements will be done with precision and expertise.


Brian Fischer

Brian began his career at Design Home Center in 1988 as an architectural draftsman. He has earned a great reputation for his design work in both new home design and major remodeling. Brian still enjoys leading home redesign and new construction projects and can often be found drafting plans for clients, or visiting a job site to check on its progress.

Email: brianf@designhomecenter.com

DeWayne VanDeest

DeWayne (Lark), has been with Design Home Center since 1993.  Whether it is a new ag building, windows and siding, or light commercial projects, DeWayne can assist you in making the right choices for your farm, home or business.

Email: lark@designhomecenter.com

Scott Juni

Since his start with DHC in 1991, Scott has transitioned from the yard to the office.  If you are planning a remodel, addition, new deck or siding, Scott can help you choose from a variety of quality product lines.

Email: scottj@designhomecenter.com

Sue Sullivan

Sue has over 20 years of experience in interior design and holds degrees in Interior Design and Architectural Drafting from MSU and South Central College.  From small bathroom updates to full kitchen redesigns, Sue will provide you with start to finish guidance, giving you peace of mind throughout your remodel.

email: sues@designhomecenter.com

Bryan Apitz

As our lead carpenter, Bryan is an ace in multiple aspects of carpentry and cabinets. When you’re ready for a new backsplash,  Bryan would be happy to do it for you!  It’s one of his favorite jobs to do, and he loves seeing the colors come together.  His love of carpentry comes through in his quality of work and Bryan most enjoys the before and after of every project.


Jim Schreiner 

For nearly forty years, Jim has been a part of the DHC team and enjoys helping customers with any job. His knowledge in paint, tools and remodeling supplies is the best in the business. Jim’s expertise in home improvement makes him the perfect resource for your smaller home projects. Need a color matched? Come see Jim!

email: jims@designhomecenter.com

Andy Klingler

If your order is being delivered, there’s a good chance you’ll meet Andy.  Also, as our yard foreman, he ensures your order gets delivered accurately and on time!  What he enjoys most is getting to meet new people and seeing our larger projects go from start to finish.

Anna Howell

Anna has joined our team at Design Home Center in 2018 as our Bookkeeper.  She is usually in the back office but is always willing to help out with customer’s billing questions.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family.

Email: anna@designhomecenter.com

Kent Pettersen

Kent joined our team at Design Home Center in 2020 in delivery and the yard at our Madelia store. In 2023, he has now switched locations and is at the front counter in our New Ulm store. Kent has over 20 years of experience in delivery and in the lumber yard. He enjoys working with customers and contractors; making sure that they have the materials they need in a timely manner.

Jake Wiedl

Jake joined our team at Design Home Center in 2018 in our Yard and Delivery and in 2021 moved to our Carpentry Department.  His favorite part about the job is he loves paying attention to the fine details and figuring out how a job will come together.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his kids and spending time outdoors.

Dianna Haedt

Dianna joined our team at Design Home Center in 2023. Dianna is primarily at our Madelia showroom. She is eager to learn and help our customers get what they need for their projects. In her spare time, she enjoys buying/selling stock, playing volleyball, and new challenges.


Email: dianna@designhomecenter.com

Darin Neet

Darin joined our team at Design Home Center in August of 2018. Darin, his wife, and two children moved to New Ulm in 2005 from Zimmerman Minnesota. He has done carpentry work for the past 25 years, from small little remodel projects to complete new homes. Darin enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.


email: darin@designhomecenter.com

Ben Hansen

Ben joined our team at Design Home Center in 2020.  He is part of our Yard and Delivery crew.  He enjoys going out on deliveries and helping the customers with their new product!  When he’s not at Design Home Center, you can expect that he is doing something outside or with his family.

Lexi Nelson

Lexi joined our team at Design Home Center in April of 2020 as an intern for drafting/interior sales.  In 2021, she became part of our Yard and Delivery crew.  Her favorite part about the job is being outside and being more active.

Tom Kienlen

Tom (Shep) joined our team at Design Home Center in April of 2020 as the manager at our Madelia store. In 2023, his office is now located at our New Ulm store. He has been involved in the construction industry for over 40 years. Shep can help with your project from start to finish.


Email: tomk@designhomecenter.com

Alex Moe

Alex joined our team at Design Home Center in 2022 as our draftsperson.  He has a degree in Interior Design from Alexandria Tech.  He is ready and excited to begin using his design and drafting skills to help customers see their designs before they are built.

Email:  alex@designhomecenter.com

Michelle Gruber

Michelle joined our team at Design Home Center in 2023.  You will see her in our Interior Sales Department.  She has a Marketing & Sales Management degree from Alexandria Technical and Community College.  In her spare time, you will see her outside with her dog & spending time with her family.

Email:  michelle@designhomecenter.com

Brian Reker

Brian joined our team at Design Home Center in 2023. He is part of our Yard and Delivery crew. He enjoys seeing the different projects and seeing the progress from start to finish. When he is not at Design Home Center, he enjoys going hiking.


Design Home Center takes each of its affiliations seriously. From the suppliers we choose to the contractors we use, each company and individual is hand picked.  Design Home Center is a member of the Northwest Lumberman’s Association, New Ulm Chamber of Commerce and supporter of many local organizations.  We take great pride in our involvement in community events and groups.  Rest assured, your project will be handled with care.

Each winter we partner with our materials providers to offer trainings to our trade partners. Each spring through fall we host monthly luncheons as a thank you to our hard working contractors and staff.  Design Home Center is proud to be an active part of the community and supporter of a variety of activities and local happenings.

Credit Policy

Thank you for choosing Design Home Center as your project supply source for home and commercial projects. You have your choice of material suppliers and I am grateful you choose Design Home Center to provide your customers with quality materials and a variety of trusted brands and service.
In appreciation for your loyalty to Design Home Center and its offerings, Design Home Center offers select contractors a discount on applicable materials and services.  As a customer that may be affected by charge account changes, you are receiving this letter to notify you of some possible changes to your payment terms.
In efforts to remain competitive with our pricing and offer the best service and value for your materials, the following immediate changes will be made to affected accounts:
·      Payment in full for discounted invoices must be received by the 10th of each month
·      Inactive/low use accounts may be subject to a change in payment terms to Net 10th of the month and reduced credit limits based on the past 12 months of purchases. If your account is affected, these changes will be reflected on your next statement.
·      Accounts beyond 60 days past due will lose future discount terms until account is current for several cycles and reviewed by our credit department for reinstatement.
·      Contractors looking to charge to a customer’s account for a project must have a signed DHC agreement from each customer stating the estimated charges and window of dates as it relates to the project.  Consumer accounts are not eligible for contractor discounts.
These changes will be consistent across all accounts and are designed to reward contractors that remit payment within the discount terms.  Despite the increases encountered with our materials providers, Design Home Center continues to offer generous discounts to contractors. Design Home Center makes every attempt to send bills on or as close to the first of the month as possible, giving you time to receive your invoice and remit payment according to the terms.
We hope you understand the necessity behind revisiting and enforcing our payment terms and ask that you contact Anna in our credit department at 233-8458 with any questions or concerns about your charge account and payment terms.
With Gratitude,

Brian Fischer
Design Home Center